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How-to: Manage Domains in Expensify

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Need to link Company Cards, control user and policy creation or require users log in with SAML? You'll find all these features under Domains.

Domains can be accessed by any admin on a Collect or Control policy with a private domain. Please note that Domains functionality is not available on public domains.

Accessing Domains functions

Go to Settings > Domains. Here, all domains you have a login for will be listed:

You can always add another domain by clicking [New Domain] in the top right-hand corner. Please note that if you do not have a matching login for the domain then you will either need to add one as a Secondary Login or verify ownership of the domain (instructions below).

Every Domain Admin has access to Company Cards and Domain Admins.

If you need access to Consolidated Domain Billing, SAML, Domain Groups or Loading Dock, then you'll need to verify yourself as an authorized company administrator of the domain:

Verifying your domain

You will need to verify ownership of the domain before setup can be completed. You may need to consult your organization’s IT department to complete the verification process. Click the Verify Now button to get started, which will prompt you to add your DNS Record:

Add a DNS Record

Note sure how to do this? Check the below guides from some of the most popular hosts on the web:

Once you've claimed your domain a host of company controls will be at your disposal! Go to Settings > Domains[Domain Name] > and explore the options visible in the menu on the left.

For a live overview of the Policy Admin role, policy management and administration, register for our free Admin Onboarding Webinar!

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