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User Proxy / Admin Copilot / Login as / etc.

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I got frustrated searching for ideas and trying to vote them up, as it seems many are very old and with very few votes. So I'm starting a new list. This is my #1 request - and I posted the same comment in the one idea that I found:

Expensify needs an Admin-level Copilot feature, or the ability to login as another user. This is called "proxy" in other systems, namely Concur. I'm shocked that it doesn't exist already, or that there aren't more requests for it.

Admins should be able to do anything for anyone. 

-When someone goes out on leave w/o setting a copilot or vacation delegate, it causes much frustration internally.

-Having to try and get a C-Level exec to add a copilot is not an acceptable option.

Here's a link to the idea that I found from last year:



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