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User profiles, hierarchy, global user search

jenrobertsonINV Expensify Customer Posts: 24 Expensify Admirer
edited September 2019 in Ideas

These are a few ideas that are all related - I'm posting them all together because the core of the idea is user management / individual profiles which is currently very cumbersome in Expensify.

  1. Part of this seems structural - i.e. Having individual user profiles, and access for admins to view that person's profile, and everything about them in one place - similar to travel systems. Need to be able to view employee’s setup as a whole i.e. who they approve for, who approves their expenses, which policies they are involved with, report history, etc.
  2. It doesn’t appear possible to search for a specific name within Expensify or a specific policy.
  3. Makes terms difficult - can’t even locate them after policy is unshared. Also hard to research past reports for terms (audit, etc.) Ex. Report is kicked back, employee is termed - no record of that report.
  4. Need ability to easily search for all reports currently in a person’s queue w/o having to run a report for each policy, primarily for the employee termination process but also when someone goes OOO w/o setting a vacation delegate.
  5. Ability to pull up an employee's profile and just check the boxes for each policy you want - this is especially handy when needing to add an Admin or Auditor. Currently, have to manually add them across all policies.


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