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Change/select actual route travelled on map

GP87 Expensify Customer Posts: 1
edited September 2019 in Ideas

When recording mileage using the map feature, the map automatically selects a route, which you cannot change - even if that is not the route you take. Even when you make the same journey several times, the current map is inconsistent - sometimes selecting a different routes each time you make the journey.

As the map is based on GoogleMaps, it should allow you to drag/drop the highlighted route in order to change it, like Google does, allowing you to show the actually route you take and therefore allowing for the correct calculation of distance travelled.

Although you can manually enter the distance travelled or use GPS, some company policies stipulate the use of the map so the employer can see actually distance travelled as opposed to having to rely on manual entry. Having an editable map, like Google, seems the best solution for this and would be highly beneficial.

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