Setting up different roles to submit, approve and final approve

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Hi there,

I'm having some trouble with the approval schedule.

We have person 1 that submits to person 2. Person 2 does the final approval of person 1.

Than person 2 needs to submit only his reports to person 3. And person 3 afinal approves for person 2.

Person 3 should not final approve the reports submitted by person 1.

We have several people like person 1 that all submit to person 2 and person 2 final approves these reports. But person 3 should only get the reports of the expenses submitted by person 2. Not the reports that person 2 approves for other. If not, person 3 will have no time left to do other work.

Can you please advice and or help? Thanks Marieke  


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @M_r1eke, thank you for posting! This sounds like a classic case of person 2 having an "approves to" rule in place when they shouldn't.

    If you head to Settings > Policies > Group [Policy Name] > People > Policy Members, and locate the email of person 2, this individual shouldn't have a rule that says "Approves to [person 3]".

    Below is an example of what that would look like.

    If you see this for person 2, press the Edit Settings button to the far right of it and then remove the Approves to rule for them. Remember to save and from then on reports sent to person 2 to approve will be final approved rather than forwarded to person 3.