How-to: Merge two expenses

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Note: merging an expense cannot be undone!

The merge expense function allows you to merge two expenses into one. This functionality is typically used when the same expense is accidentally entered more than once. The merge expense function does not add two expenses together, but rather combines various components of two expenses into one new expense. While you can merge a cash expense and a credit card expense, two expenses that are imported from a credit card cannot be merged with each other.

Both expenses will need to be in an Open or Unreported state.

Initiating an Expense Merge: on the web app

To merge two expenses from the Expenses page, first check the box next to the two expenses you wish to merge, then Merge

To merge expenses from within a report, click Details (in the upper right corner) then click the pencil "edit expenses" icon. 

Then check the boxes next to the expenses you would like to merge and then Merge

Merge expense dialogue

Within the merge expense dialogue you'll be able to choose which aspect of each of the two expenses you would like to be used on the resulting expense. This includes the receipt image, card, merchant, category, and more. 

Merging two expenses (on the mobile app)

When you are fixing violations and see "Potential duplicate expense detected", tap Resolve Now to take a closer look.

The below screen will display. Tap Merge Expense, and you're done! If the expenses exist on two different reports, you will be asked which report you'd like the newly created single expense to be reported onto.

** Expenses cannot be merged across two separate accounts. If one expense is in the account of User A and the other one is in the account of User B then they will not merge. The users will need to designate one submitter and transfer the expense information to that user's account.

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