How-to: Set up and add single tags

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Adding tags is easy!

Go to Settings > Policies > Group or Individual tab >  [Policy Name] > Tags. You can choose to add tags one by one, or upload them in bulk via a spreadsheet.

  • If you're using an individual policy, you'll be able to add a single level of tags, as well as name more specifically this list of tags:
  • If you are an admin for a group policy, you'll have a couple more options. You can enable require tags for any policy submitters by enabling People must tag expenses, as well as choose to use multiple levels of tags:
  • If you are importing tags from an accounting system, you will not see the "Add a Tag" box here. You will still see the tags that have been imported, with an icon logo to clarify that they have been imported.

For example, QuickBooks tags will display as shown below:

Note: If you wish to add a tag with ":" in it, you first need to add a single "\" in order to do so. For example, if the tag name is Engineering:Contractors it should be saved as Engineering\:Contractors

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