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FAQ: What if I have a violation that I don't need to fix, and want to clarify for my admin/approver?

Katie Oswalt
Katie Oswalt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 170 Expensify Team
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No problem! You can enter the reason why you didn't resolve the violation in the expense Description field.

Then, Submit to report (or leave the report for Scheduled Submit to automatically submit the report for you).

Your admin/approver to review the violation and the description.

If you don't add a description, the report will not automatically submit via Scheduled Submit. Instead, you'll need to fix the violation or manually submit the report with the violation.

For example, here is a report with a violation, from the submitter's point of view:

Once you've saved the Description, you can Submit the report (or wait for Scheduled Submit to submit the report).

Your admin/approver will still see the description about the violation. Here is the report from the approver's point of view:

It's always best to resolve the violations - this will ensure you're reimbursed as quickly as possible!