FAQ: Expenses are exporting to the wrong accounts, why's that?

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There are a couple of factors that might cause card expenses to export to the wrong account in your accounting system. 

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that the card is correctly mapped in Domain. If that's not the cause then the following troubleshooting steps should help you identify the issue:

Are they company card expenses?

Only expenses that have the card & lock icon next to them will be exported using the mapping settings configured in Domain Control. 

Expenses imported from a personal card (i.e. a card linked in an individual's Your Account > Credit Card Import section), created from a SmartScanned receipt and manually created will export to the default account selected in your accounting connection's configuration settings.

If the expenses are SmartScanned receipt expenses which didn't merge with an imported card expense check out our troubleshooting guide

Have you selected the correct export option in your Sync Options settings? 

Even if you have mapped your cards to specific accounts in Domain Control, you still need to select the appropriate export option under Settings > Policies > Group >[Select policy] > Connections > Configure. 

For example, if you select specific Credit Card accounts for your cards in Domain Control, you need to be sure to select "Credit Card" as your non-reimbursable export option:

If the report exporter is not a Domain Admin, all company card expenses will export to the default account selected in the Non-Reimbursable section of your Export configuration settings under Settings > Policies > Group > [Select policy] > Connections > Configure.

Has the card been mapped under the correct policy?

If you have multiple policies connected to the same accounting system, there will be a separate list of accounts displayed for each policy. Unless you choose an account listed under the same policy as the report you are exporting, expenses will export to the default account. 

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