How to: Set up billable expenses for an individual policy

Stephanie Elliot
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Do you want to re-bill expenses on your individual (personal) policy? If so, you can enable billable expenses at any time!

To enable billable expenses

  1. Log into your Expensify account using your preferred web browser, (ie: Chrome or Safari)
  2. Head to Settings > Policies Individual > [Policy name] > Expenses
  3. Under Expense Basics choose either Default to Billable or Default to Non-Billable

Heads up, Default to Billable will make new expenses billable by default, while Default to Non-Billable will cause new expenses to be non-billable by default. But keep in mind, as long as one of those options is selected, the "billable" checkbox will appear on the expense and can be selected (or de-selected)!

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