How-to: Undo Submit

Nicole Trepanier
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As long as the report is still in a Processing state (not yet final approved), you will be able to Undo Submit and put the report back to Open status to make corrections, and then re-submit. 

In order to retract a Processing report, click the Undo Submit button at the upper left hand corner of the report. 

To retract a processing report on mobile, tap into the report, tap Retract and you're all set!

Note: If a report has already been approved and is in the Approved status, you will not be able to retract the report. Instead, you will need to ask your report approver to unapprove the report and then reject it back to you in order to return it to Open status in order for you to make any edits and resubmit.

If your report has been Reimbursed via ACH direct deposit, then you will not be able to return the report to any other state and will need to handle this externally with your payroll team. 

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