How-to: Create a custom export

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Export templates can be created exclusively for personal use OR for your organization as a whole. Follow the steps below based on your exporting needs!

For personal use:

  • For a template that you can run from your specific account that only you will have access to, navigate to Settings > Account > Preferences > scroll down to CSV Export Formats. 

For company-wide use:

  • You will need to be an Admin for a Control level company policy. Note that this feature is not available on Collect policies.
  • Create a policy-specific export template format at Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > [Select policy] > Export Formats which will be available for any Policy Admin to use and export reports to. 

When you create a new export format, or edit an existing one, you will see the following screen which allows you to dictate the specific content (and order) of each column in the export file.

Don't forget to save your Export Format before navigating away from the page!

If, after you use the export, the formatting doesn't look quite right (e.g. the date or numbers are incorrectly formatted) this is likely due to underlying format in your spreadsheet document

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