How-to: Share a Verified Bank Account

Rachael Hopkins
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This person must first be a Policy Admin for a Group policy which you are also a Policy Admin for, and you (or the person sharing) must have access to the Verified Bank Account.

  • Go to Settings > Account > Payments
  • Click Share on the account you want to share, and select the Policy Admin to share with
  • We will process this share request and the user whom the account has been shared with will need to validate that they have access to the bank account
  • The account will normally be available to reimburse reports within 1-2 business days 

Note: A report is shared with all individuals with access to the same business bank account in Expensify for audit purposes.

Unsharing a bank account

If you scroll down a little from your bank accounts, you will see a list of the people with whom your bank accounts are shared. Whether you are the sharer or the person who the account was shared with, you can Unshare a bank account. This is a crucial step when accountants and staff leave your business.

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