How-To: Enable Google Apps SSO with your Expensify Group policy

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Expensify offers a direct SSO link through Google Apps and one-click policy invites. In order to set this up for users, you must be an admin for a group policy using a Collect or Control plan.

Note, this differs from setting up Google as your Identity Provider for SAML SSO which would prevent access to others on your domain other than those from specific Organizational units. To complete that setup, follow the steps here: Set up SSO via SAML for Expensify. Both can be enabled at the same time.

Enable the Expensify App

To enable Expensify for your Google Apps domain, follow the steps below to add an “expenses” link to your universal navigation bar. 

1. Sign in to your Google Apps Admin console as an administrator.

2. Navigate to the Expensify App listing here: Expensify

3. Click 'Admin Install ' to start installing the app and choose Continue.

4. Make sure the correct domain is selected if you have access to multiple, then click 'Finish'. You can configure access for specific Organizational Units later as well.

5. Your entire domain can now access Expensify through the icon of the app. then click 'More' and click 'Expensify'.

Sync Users from Google Apps to Expensify

If you are a Google Apps domain administrator and an Expensify policy administrator, you can easily sync your Google Apps users to your Expensify policy. Once you've installed the Google Apps Marketplace Expensify app, just log in to Expensify, go to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People, then click 'Sync G Suite Now'. Note that it is not possible to do this automatically; you'll need to manually sync every time you want to import your Google Apps users to Expensify.

This will identify any people who are not already on the policy and invite them to the policy.

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