How-to: Create Per Diem expenses

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Creating a Per Diem expense in Expensify is easy! You can easily create and submit your Per Diems for reimbursement. You don't need to know how much you're due, you just need to know three thing:

  1. Where did you go?
  2. How long you were away/what time period are you claiming for?
  3. Which Per Diems do you need to choose?

This is all easily laid out in the "New Expense" menu. First head there and click "New Expense, either from the web or your mobile:

Next, choose where you went from the Destination dropdown:

Did this trip take you to multiple places? No worries, just create one Per Diem per Destination. The times will always be relative to your home city.

Once you've added your departure date/time and return date/time, you'll see the breakdown of your days, detailing how long between your departure and midnight that day in the First Day, your total full days after that in the Trip and then the time between midnight and your return time on the last day in Last Day:

You can easily choose your day rates based on these, and even add any meal deductions or overnight lodging costs if your jurisdiction or territory allows for it.

Once you've added these rates and hit Save, your Per Diem expense will be created! You can view it from the Expenses page or on the report it's been placed on:

Simply submit this for approval to be reimbursed for your Per Diems!


What if I want to edit my Per Diems?

As with mileage, time and the previous iteration of Per Diem expenses in Expensify, once created you cannot amend. If you need to edit a Per Diem expense, simply delete the expense and recreate it. You can do this an unlimited number of times!

What if my Admin requires I submit a Per Diem for each day to keep track of specific daily meals?

This can be done! Simply create a Per Diem expense per day like this!

What if I have questions about the amount I'm due?

Reach out to your internal Admin team! They've set these rates up in your policy to match the requirements they know to be true. You can read about how they've set this up here.

What if I can't see the Destination or Date/Time fields?

It sounds like your admin team might not have moved from the old version of Per Diem Expensify supported! That looked like this:

Is it possible to add a Start and End time to a Per Diem?

No, this isn't available for Per Diems.

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