How-to: Changing your account's default currency

Sonia Liapounova
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The default currency for all expenses added to your account is set by the primary company policy. 

To go to this section of the company policy editor, go to Settings > Policies > [Group Policy Name] > Reports > Report Basics and then change the Report Output Currency.

(If you are not shared on a policy, you can change your default currency under Settings > Policies > [Individual Policy Name] > Reports and then change the Report Output Currency. Please note that the currency selected here will be overridden should you begin reporting on a policy.)

Any expenses entered in a foreign currency will automatically be converted to this default currency using the day’s trading average provided by the touchstone Open Exchange Rates converter.

If you wish to bypass the exchange rate, simply add the expense manually and enter the total amount in your default currency. Any manually entered expenses will not be converted until they are added to a report in which the default currency is different.

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