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Adding receipts to an approved report

gregcuratolagregcuratola Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

I'm often being pressured to close the accounting books for the month without having all of the receipts from people on vacation or at conferences. When this happens, I often have to preemptively approve reports that are missing receipts so that they will feed into our accounting system. When I get these receipts later, I can't add them to the approved report even as an admin and what I really need is the ability to add receipts to approved reports later once I get them so that we have the receipts in one place rather than them getting added to my expenses especially when the report belongs to someone else. When we get audited if they ask for the receipt on some of these transactions it's going to be very difficult to find them unless I can add them to the report later.

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