Employee entered incorrect amount om split

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I need some help here as I've been unable to get a clear answer from support. We have an employee who needed to separate a hotel receipt into different categories for billing purposes. He inadvertently entered the wrong amounts when doing the split. Unfortunately, when he went in to edit this, he found that he could not because corporate liability was enabled. I was also informed for support that the admin cannot edit these either.

The issue is that these amounts must be corrected for billing as this is on a contract. How can we get these amounts corrected for invoicing?

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  • Nicole Trepanier
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    Hi @kristenvvl. As splitting an expense cannot be undone and you can't merge company card expenses, there is no way to edit these transactions.

    One way to correct this would be to make sure everything up to that date is submitted, then unassign and reassign the card in domain control. What this will do is delete any unsubmitted expenses tied to this card. When you reassign the card, you will just need to select the correct starting date to avoid duplicates. Let me know if you have any questions!