How-to: Set up a Visa commercial feed

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Set up a Visa feed (VCF)

These are the steps you'll need to follow for a Visa feed:

  1. Contact your banking relationship manager and request that your VCF (Variant Call Format) feed be sent directly to Expensify. Feel free to share this information with them: "There is a check box in your bank's Visa Subscription Management portal that they, or their BPS team, can select to enable the feed. This means there is no need for a test file because Visa already has agreements in place with 3rd parties who receive the files."
  2. Ask your bank to send you the "feed filename" OR the raw file information. You'll need the Processor, Financial Institution (Bank), and Company IDs; these are available in Visa Subscription Management if your relationship manager is having trouble finding them.
  3. Once you have the file information, send it to us using the submission form here.

While you're waiting for your bank, make sure to set up a Domain -- it's required in order for us to be able to add the feed to your account!

We will connect the feed once we receive these details and notify you when the feed is enabled. 

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