How-to: Set up a MasterCard commercial feed

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Set up a MasterCard feed (CDF)

Your bank will need to access MasterCard's SmartData portal to complete the process. We're a registered vendor in the portal, so neither you, your bank or Expensify need to complete any MasterCard forms. (Your bank may have it's own form between you and the bank though.)

These are the steps you'll need to follow for a MasterCard feed:

  1. Contact your banking relationship manager and request that your CDF (Common Data File) feed be sent directly to Expensify in the MasterCard SmartData Portal (file type: CDF version 3 Release 11.01). Please also specify the date of the earliest transactions you require in the feed. 
  2. The bank will initiate delivery of the feed by finding Expensify in MasterCard's online portal. Once this is done, the bank will send you an email containing the distribution ID.

While you're waiting for your bank, make sure to set up a Domain --it's required in order for us to be able to add the feed to your account!

Once you have the distribution ID, send it to us using the submission form here.

We will connect the feed once we receive the file details and notify you when the feed is enabled. 

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