How-to: Create and send invoices

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Expensify makes it easy to create and send invoices to your clients/customers! Let's go through the steps to create an invoice on the web and mobile app.

This feature is available to:

Group policy users: perfect for businesses and companies who want to send invoices to clients/customers.

Individual policy users: perfect for contractors, personal business owners, anyone who want to send invoices to clients/customers.

Customise your business invoices

Before we dive into how to create and send an invoice, I recommend taking a moment to customise invoices for your company.

This support article will go over all the options to customise invoices for your customers/clients.

How to create a single invoice on the web app

1) Sign-in to your expensify account on a web browser at

2) Go to the Reports page,

3) Click New Report button,

4) Select Invoice from the drop-down list,

5) You'll automatically be taken to the newly created Invoice,

6) Click the Add Expenses button at the top of the invoice to attach expenses to the invoice (or you can drag and drop expenses into the body of the invoice).

How to create invoices on the mobile app

1) Tap the 'hamburger button' in the upper left corner of the screen and choose Reports.

2) Tap the + button in the upper right corner of the page and choose Invoice from the drop-down list.

3) Tap the Add Expense button to attach receipts to the invoice.

How to send a single invoice

Once you are ready to send your invoice, click the Send button (on web or mobile). You can then specify who you are sending the invoice to, the due date, and other details!

After you've sent the invoice or when you've received payment you can mark the invoice as Payment Received to change the invoice status from Processing to Paid.

How to send invoices to multiple customers at once

If you have a lot of invoices to send to multiple customers/clients, we have a crafty method to send these invoices at once! 🤓

Check out this support article to send invoices to all your customers/clients at one time.

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