How-to: Set your Annual Subscription Size

Stevie LaFortune
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The Policy Billing Owner is responsible for setting the Subscription Size of the Annual Subscription. The owner can choose to set it manually or let it calculate automatically based on your first billing.

Setting Initial Count

When you first create a subscription, you can manually set your size by entering a number in the Subscription Size field of your subscription settings. You can find that by going to Settings > Policies > Groups page: (note you may need to expand the subscription settings)

If you choose not to set a size yourself, it will be calculated automatically for your first bill based on your depending on which scenario below fits your use case: 

  • If you’ve never had activity in Expensify, your Subscription Size is set automatically to match the number of active users you had your first month of using Expensify on your Annual Subscription. This means you’ll see the number update automatically after your first billing.
  • For existing policies switching to an Annual Subscription, the Subscription Size is set to the number of active users on your last month’s billing history. 
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