How-to: Reconcile your company cards statement in Expensify

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Match your company card statement to Expensify

Confirm statement total

  1. When your statement arrives from your bank, go to Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > Reconciliation tab.
  2. Enter your statement start and end dates and click Run,
  3. Imported Total will display the total of all expenses imported to Expensify from your bank for the statement period,
  4. If there is a variance from your statement, you can import missing expenses by clicking the Update all cards button (for commercial card feeds) or clicking on the blue cog to Update individual cards (for other card feeds) 
  5. After updating, click the Run button to refresh the totals

Confirm card totals

  1. If there is still a variance, sort the cards by clicking the heading for Card Name/Number, Assignee or Total and compare each card's total to the statement to determine which card(s) do and don't match.
  2. Click on the Total amount for a card to view the expenses which were imported.
  3. Confirm that all cards have been assigned to cardholders as this could be another reason that the Imported Total doesn't equal the statement.
  4. If there is still a variance after updating and re-calculating the totals, please contact [email protected] providing the details of the expenses that are showing on your statement but are missing in Expensify (cardholder email, date and amount) for us to investigate. Keep in mind, sorting by column heading also makes locating expense easier.

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