How-to: Enable SAML SSO

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Enabling SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

To enable SAML SSO in Expensify you will first need to claim and validate your domain.

Once you have a validated domain, you can access SAML SSO by navigating to Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > SAML. 

On this SAML page, you will be able to: 

  • Choose whether you want to make SAML required for login. If you choose this option, users will only be able to log in via SAML SSO. They will not be able to use an Expensify password. 
  • Get Expensify's Service Provider MetaData. You will need to give this to your identity provider. 
  • Enter your Identity Provider MetaData. Please contact your SAML SSO provider if you are unsure how to get this. 

Employees will be prompted to sign in through SAML when using their company email (private domain email) and also a public email (ex. linked as a secondary login.

You can also restrict the primary login in the Domain Group settings. You can learn more about domain group permissions and restrictions in this support article.

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If you're getting an error when trying to set up SAML, check your configuration data for errors using this great tool

EntityID Mismatch

The entityID for Expensify is but remember to be sure not to copy in any extra / or spaces! Note: If you've enabled the Multi-Domain support (below) then your entityID will be

Multiple Domains but only one entityID

We're currently testing an improvement to allow this for services such as GSuite and Azure which allow for this. Reach out to Concierge and ask to help us test it!