How-to: Split expenses on the web and mobile app

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Note: Splitting an expense cannot be undone! Please note that each split expense is treated as an individual expense, and will be exported to your accounting software individually.

Splitting an expense will allow you to create multiple expenses from a single expense or receipt. Each split can be categorized and tagged individually. The same receipt image will be attached to each split. For example, if a given hotel expense on your credit card is made up of the hotel cost, room service, and laundry service, you can split the expense into multiple pieces in order to categorize accordingly. 

Triggering the Split Expense Dialogue

The split expense dialogue can be opened both from the Expenses page and from the expense editor within an individual expense. 

Expenses Page:

Individual Expense:

Using the split expense dialogue

Within the split expense dialogue, hover over the amount to get the 'pencil' and edit the expense amount.

You can choose how many "pieces" you would like to split the expense into by clicking the Add Split button. The total of each piece must add up to the original expense amount and no amount can be $0.00 (or you can't Save the changes). Each split can be categorized and tagged individually.

To split an expense on the mobile app, click an expense and then More Options at the bottom of the screen. Next, use the Split button to split the expense.

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