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Meaning of "expense.transactionID" in export_report_template

GetawayHouseGetawayHouse Posts: 6Expensify Customer
edited October 10 in Integrations and API

I'm trying to get a list of expenses reported, using the api with { type: 'file' } 

 json = {
   type: 'file',
   credentials: {
   onReceive: {
    immediateResponse: ["returnRandomFileName"]
   inputSettings: {
    filters: {
     startDate: self.month.beginning_of_month.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'),
     endDate: self.month.end_of_month.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'),
    type: 'combinedReportData',
   outputSettings: {
    fileExtension: 'csv'

And my template looks like:

<#if addHeader == true>
  Amount,Sales date,Tag,Category,Comment,Report status,External ID,Name,Email<#lt>
<#list reports as report>
  <#-- Report level -->
  <#list report.transactionList as expense>
    <#if expense.modifiedAmount?has_content>
      <#assign amount = expense.modifiedAmount/100>
      <#assign amount = expense.amount/100>
    <#if expense.modifiedCreated?has_content>
      <#assign created = expense.modifiedCreated>
      <#assign created = expense.created>
${amount},${created},${expense.tag},${expense.category},"${expense.comment?replace("\"", "'")}",${report.status},${expense.transactionID},${report.submitter.fullName},${expense.attendees.get(0).displayName}

The problem is: I'm getting repeated ids for this field, for example: For the id 35387923473891400 I have 21 expenses with different values and comments, shouldn't every expense have it's own unique id? If I go to the dashboard, I can find a report with those 21 expenses...

If expense.transactionID isn't unique for each expense, is there a field that is?


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