How to: Cancel an ACH Reimbursement

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Reimbursed a report by mistake? No worries! Any Policy Admin with access to the same Verified Bank Account can cancel the reimbursement from within the report, up to the point at which it is withdrawn from the payment account.

Cancel an ACH reimbursement

  1. On your web account, navigate to the Reports page
  2. Open the report
  3. Click Cancel Reimbursement 
  4. On the prompt that says "Are you sure you want to cancel the reimbursement?" click Cancel Reimbursement 

Note: there is a small window of time (roughly less than 24 hours) when a reimbursement can be cancelled.

Don’t see Cancel Reimbursement listed on the report? This means your bank has already begun to withdraw the funds from your Verified Bank Account, and deposit the funds in the employee's bank account.

In that case, you’ll want to contact your bank directly to see if they are able to cancel the reimbursement on their end - or manage the return of funds directly with your employee, outside of Expensify.

If you cancel a reimbursement after the withdrawal has started, it will automatically be returned to your Verified Bank Account within 3-5 business days.

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