How to: Export your Expensify Card Statement

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If your domain is using the Expensify Card and you have a validated Business Bank Account, you can access the Expensify Card statement on your Company Cards page. The statement will show you the list of Expensify Card transactions for the period, as well as which Expensify Card charges each payment was applied to.

Export the Expensify Card Statement

  1. On your web account, navigate to Settings > Domains > Company Cards,
  2. Click the Reconciliation tab near the top right and then Settlements
  3. Enter the statement dates you would like to view using the Start and End fields
  4. Choose Search to pull up the statement for that period
  5. View the table, or choose Download to CSV to export it

Heads up, the statement will only show payments made from existing Business Bank Accounts that appear under Settings > Account > Payments > Business Accounts! If a Business Account was deleted, the statement will not contain data for payments made from that account.

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