"Distance" expense creation

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I need to create a "distance" expense via API. Using the documentation I've been able to create the expense, setting the right category, but when I see it then in the browsers, I don't see the "car" icon in the left as the ones manually created. It seems that it's correctly created, but actually not a real "distance" expense.

This is the request:

curl -X POST 'https://integrations.expensify.com/Integration-Server/ExpensifyIntegrations' \

  -d 'requestJobDescription={









      "transactionList": [


          "created": "2019-09-18",

          "currency": "EUR",

          "category": "Rimborso chilometrico",

          "merchant": "72 km @ €0.42 / km",

          "amount": 3024,

          "reportID": 473712323,

          "comment": "Trasferta a Treviso",

          "policyID": "4D720124AA135A",

          "reimbursable": True





Am I setting some wrong params?