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Deep Dive: Understanding your Expensify Card statement

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The Expensify Card statement is a detailed view of individual transactions and the daily settlement amounts. Use the dynamic search to pull up the specific period you're looking for to see the list of Expensify Card transactions across your domain, as well as which charges each daily settlement was applied to. If your domain is using the Expensify Card and you have a validated Business Bank Account, you can access the Expensify Card statement under Settings > Domains Company Cards > Expensify Card Statements.

Understanding the Expensify Card Statement

The Expensify Card statement will show both individual transactions (debits) as well as they payments that settled them (credits).

  • Date: for card payments, this is the date on which the funds were debited; for card transactions, this is the date the purchase was made
  • Entry ID: This is an ID number that groups card payments and card transactions. For example, if transaction A and transaction B were settled by payment C, all three entries would share the same Entry ID.
  • Withdrawn Amount: only applies to card payments, this will match the amount debited from the Business Bank Account.
  • Transaction Amount: only applies to card transactions, this will match the amount of the expense purchase.
  • User email: only applies to card transactions, the Expensify email address of the cardholder who made the expense purchase.
  • Transaction ID: This is a unique ID that will help Expensify Support locate the transaction in the event of an issue. If you need to reach out to our team, including this ID number is always really helpful!

Remember, the Expensify Card statement will only show payments made from existing Business Bank Accounts that appear under Settings > Account Payments > Business Accounts! If a Business Account was deleted, the statement will not contain data for payments made from that account.

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