Uber description to flow through to Expensify description fields!

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Is there a way that when the description is entered into the Uber application, the description flows through to the Expensify description field?

With Uber integration - employees enter the description into the Uber app, as shown below "Adweek" - However, the description in Uber does not flow through to the Expensify description field.

This seems to be very inefficient, as I need to knock back employees for having no description, as they must enter a description into Expensify (reporting and data purposes). We cannot extract the data descriptions from the Uber PDF.

When we pull Expensify reports for various data points, we need to ensure there is a description in the field, otherwise data will show up as blank and it will not tell us the reason for the expense.

Right now, I am reviewing expenses, and rejecting expenses/reports due to no description being present. This is making my employees have to double enter a description, using up more of their time, along with mine (the approver) as I need to constantly reject.

Data is very important to many companies, when pulling Expensify reports.

Could this integration be possible? I assume it can, due to all other information flowing through except for this field. (Amount, merchant, date etc.)

Thank you!

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