How-to: Dispute an Expensify Card transaction

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Filing a Dispute

As you use your Expensify Card, you may encounter transactional errors in your account. A transactional error might be one the following:

  • A charge you don't recognize
  • A charge that came through for the incorrect amount
  • Seeing multiple charges for the same transaction
  • A refund not coming through that you were promised by a merchant

If you do see an error in your account, let us know by contacting [email protected] as soon as you're able. If you think the transaction may be fraudulent, cancel your Expensify Card immediately (better safe than sorry!). To cancel the card, go to Settings > Account > Credit Card Import > and click Request A New Card.

Once you let us know about the error, we’ll ask you a few questions to determine the nature of the situation. If the transaction has settled to your account (i.e. it's no longer pending), we'll be in the clear to file a dispute on your behalf with our card processor.

If you have not enabled 2FA yet, please do so ASAP!

Types of Disputes:

There are two main types of disputes.

Unauthorized charges/fraud disputes

  • There is a charge on your account that was made using your card after it was lost/stolen, or a charge you never authorized comes through even though your card is in your possession (compromised card information)
  • You were charged for a recurring subscription, even after you canceled the service
  • You were charged multiple times for a transaction that was only performed once
  • A charge settled to your account for either more or less than it was supposed to

Service disputes 

  • You received merchandise that was damaged or defective
  • You were charged for merchandise but never received it in the mail
  • You made a purchase by other means (e.g. by using cash) but were also charged on your Expensify Card.
  • You made a return but didn’t receive a refund on the expected timeline

You're not required to pin down exactly which bucket your disputes falls into, as we'll take care of that on our end. That said, this may help you determine if a scenario is worthy of a dispute.

Note that in most cases, the best first step in any potential dispute scenario is to contact the merchant first, as they will in many cases be able resolve the dispute with you within the speediest timeframe.

How can I make the dispute process go smoothly before I decide to contact Expensify?

When you contact us to report an error in your account, make sure you provide as many details as you possibly can about why you’re disputing the charge, what happened, and what steps you've already taken to potentially resolve the dispute.

If you don't recognize a specific charge, but you do recognize the merchant and you’ve made purchases with them in the past (and as such they have access to your card information), please contact the merchant directly. In many cases, these transactions aren't actually fraudulent and could just be merchant error or a forgotten legitimate charge.

Lastly, if you have any supporting documentation that helps your case, i.e. receipts, cancelation confirmations, etc. please send that documentation to us when you first submit your dispute. Supporting documentation may improve the chances that a dispute is resolved in your favour.

Can I cancel a dispute?

If you've filed a dispute but decide that you no longer would like to proceed with the case, just let us know by contacting [email protected]. This may occur if you recognize a charge that was previously reported as unauthorized, or if the merchant was able to resolve the dispute with you directly.

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