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How to: Cancel your Expensify Card

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When your Expensify card is lost or stolen, you will need to cancel your card by calling a phone number (toll-free) and confirming some of your registered details with our Interactive Voice Recognition phone service (available 24/7). Please read the following details carefully to learn how to cancel your Expensify card. 

Please note: it is not currently possible to order a replacement card over the phone. To order a replacement, please visit the link at the bottom of this post.

Cancel your Expensify Card by phone

US Phone: 1-877-751-5848

International Phone: +44 808 196 0632

  1. Call the number above, choosing the appropriate number for your location. Please be ready with your card number OR phone number and date of birth. 
  2. Follow the machine prompts and provide your identification details to the automated voice recognition service. 
  3. After completing the phone call, your card will be canceled immediately.
  4. Please request a new card and report any disputed transactions through c[email protected].

Cancel your Expensify Card on web

  1. On the web version of Expensify, head to Settings > Account > Credit Card Import and click Request a New Card.
  2. Select Lost or Stolen as the reason for requesting a new card and the card we have on file for you will be cancelled.

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