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How-to: Reject or Unapprove a Report

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As an approver, you might need to reject a report that has been submitted to you or Unapprove a report that has already been approved.

To reject the report, click Reject rather than beginning the Review process. If there are multiple approvers involved, you can choose how far back to reject the report. 

Rejecting a report will return the report back to the submitter in an Open status or, in the case of a multi-level approval workflow, back to the previous approver in a Processing status (awaiting their approval). You may need to do this if the submitter was not ready to submit the report, or perhaps the report as a whole needs to be rejected based on the configuration of your organization's expense policy.

Unapprove a Report

Click approve too fast? No worries. You can click the red Unapprove at the top of the report to undo this action:

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