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How-to: Set up the Workday Integration

Nicole Trepanier
Nicole Trepanier Expensify Team Posts: 498 Expensify Team
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How does the integration work?

Here are the steps required to set up the Workday Integration:

1 - Structure Employee Data

First, you’ll create an Employee Demographics Data Report in Workday, outputting to JSON format, which contains the required fields listed below and any optional fields you would like to add. Once completed, you can securely associate that Employee Demographics Data Report to a Workday Web Services URL, which you’ll later pass to Expensify.

The following fields are required:

  • Employee Email
  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID
  • Manager Email
  • Location, Company Code, or another field that maps each employee to the correct Expensify policy

The following fields are optional:

  • Department (Expensify can set tag defaults based on this department)
  • Payroll ID (This ID or other IDs can be stored for each employee and included in an export template)
  • Active Status/Termination Date (This can be used to optionally deprovision employees)

Employee object structure for reference:

   "Employee_ID": "XXXXXX",
   "Worker_Status": "Active",
   "Legal_First_Name": "xxx",
   "Legal_Last_Name": "xxx",
   "Employee_Work_Email": "[email protected]",
   "Manager_Email": "[email protected]",
   "Employee_Company_Code": "110",
   "Employee_Location_Code": "110",
   "Employee_Cost_Center_Code": "2130"

2 - Connect Workday to Expensify

Next, you can easily trigger the integration by using the Expensify Advanced Employee Updater API with your Workday Web Services URL. 

To pass the Workday Web Services URL correctly, you’ll want to make sure that the parameters are set up. The Workday Web Services URL would go in the feedUrl parameter, with your authentication credentials added to feedUser and feedPassword. You can see an example of this under Via URL in our Advanced Employee Updater API documentation:

Expensify will now invite any new employees and update existing employees and approval workflows based on the report when a request to the Expensify API is sent.

Please note that the Expensify API is a self-serve tool. For any other questions, we recommend the Community Forum as a great resource for getting API help and advice!

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