What are the effects of moving certain employees to a new Policy?

vchristensen Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

We are splitting our current policy into 2 and need to move about half of our employees to the new policy. Will this have any effect on any open or approved expense reports that haven't been paid yet?

Also, can we have managers that are able to approve in both policies?



  • tylerzoll
    tylerzoll Approved! Accountant Posts: 430 Expensify Champion

    @vchristensen the good news is that no, it won’t change the policy on any reports that have been submitted. A user can be assigned to multiple policies. The policy can be selected in the top right corner of each report if someone is in two policies. You can also set the default policy for a user. My users that are on two policies don’t even realize that they are because everything defaults. Hope that helps.