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ExpensifyApproved! Partners - Best Practices for Client Setup

Leslie RodriguezLeslie Rodriguez Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 43 Expensify Team

Who are you?

Are you an accounting firm that manages expenses for your clients? Are you a part of the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program and want discounts on Expensify for setting up your clients? Then, you’re in the right spot! This is the place to find inside knowledge on how to get the ball rolling for your clients using Expensify, and get a bigger discount for your firm and/or client.

Head over to ExpensifyApproved! University for training and certification covering topics such as policy creation, accounting connections, and company card management. Upon graduation, you’ll become a member of the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program and gain access to Expensify discounts, the ExpensifyApproved! Community, marketing opportunities, expedited support, as well as a free Expensify account.

ExpensifyApproved! discounts can be accessed via an Expensify promo code that is created once a partner passes ExpensifyApproved! University. This promo code can be retained internally and/or gifted to your client. Take a look at our partner program to understand our partner discount thresholds.

Getting started

After completing ExpensifyApproved! University and securing your promo code, you'll want to decide who is paying for Expensify. You have two options: the accounting firm (which can then bill the client later) or the client. Both work equally well, so you and the clients can decide what's best for you. Whichever route you choose, we recommend that you use the same process for all clients so that billing is unified and consistent.

Once you decide who is paying for Expensify, you’ll want to make sure that the person paying is the “policy owner”, as they will receive the Expensify bills. You’ll always be able to identify the policy owner by going to Settings > Policies > Group and looking at the billing owner column. Clients can either create a policy directly from their account or Approved! firms can create policies for their clients.

All policy owners (billing owners) will also want to make sure that they have entered the accounting firm’s unique promo code in their billing tab. This will ensure that the Approved! firms are getting credit (AKA a bigger discount) for each client. To find out your accounting firm’s unique billing code, reach out to [email protected] Policy owners can enter their promo code by going to Settings > Your Account > Billing > Expensify Code.

Onboarding clients

You can begin to invite your client’s employees once a policy has been created. To invite a user to a policy, click on the invite button found on the People page. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV spreadsheet to invite employees in bulk (for more information on how to invite users, take a look at this help doc. Once invited, Expensify will send the employee a Day 1 guide for Employees along with instructions on where to download the Expensify mobile app. Your client and their employees are now ready to track receipts on Expensify!

Do you have specific questions not covered in this guide? Take a look at approved.expensify.com as well as in the Expensify Help Center for self-help tools. Not quite what you were looking for? Check out our employee and admin webinars for a guided review of Expensify. Still having trouble finding the answer you're looking for? Feel free to drop a question here in the Community for feedback from fellow Approved! accountants or reach out to [email protected].


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