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Can someone help me resolve problem with entering merchant info on iphone app?

cherylwvcherylwv Posts: 1Expensify Customer

My merchant info is not saving when I enter in the merchant's name. It looks like it saves but then when I go to the expense report the only thing showing up is a period in place of where I had entered the merchant name. I then reenter the merchant name and save it and this time it does have it. Very strange as well as very frustrating because I have to enter the merchant name save and the reopen it in the report and enter it again and save.


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  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Expensify Success Coach Posts: 308 Expensify Success Coach
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @cherylwv - would you mind checking on the web to see if you have any Expense Rules set-up to change your merchant names to just "." - this is actually quite a common mistake people make when trying to set a blanket Expense Rule up and they accidentally set everything to be a period, when the period itself is supposed to be used to signify a blanket Rule.

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