NetSuite Integration: Exporting Expenses to NS as Vendor Bills Associated to the Correct Vendor

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I'm currently trying to configure Expensify and the NetSuite Connector to be integrated in the following way:

  1. We get a bill from a vendor.
  2. Expensify is sent the bill to SmartScan.
  3. SmartScan completes and any rules are applied. At this point between the SmartScan and rules we know which Vendor it is associated with.
  4. Expense is reviewed and released.
  5. Expensify then creates a Vendor Bill in NetSuite with the correct value for the Vendor specified in the Vendor Bill as determined in step 3.

As far as I can tel this workflow is not currently possible to configure with Expensify and it's current integration with NetSuite. I've also heard that his is a possible setup. Is it possible to accomplish this workflow with NS?

Could it be configured that the Merchant field in the Expense can be used for the Vendor field value for the created Vendor bills?

The other options the Expensify provide do not seem to allow for this behavior even though this would be the correct way to handle vendor's invoices aka bills and expenses. Does anyone use Expensify for entering Vendor bills or is this solely for people in with expense accounts and for employee expense reimbursement?

Another rather bad option would be to use custom CSV exports to generate Expense Exports in CSV format for uploading to NS which should work but that's pretty flaky.


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  • bescalona
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    Yes, it is right now. The  you export to will always be the expense submitter. It will  never be the  from Expensify.

    Isn't it the Default Vendor, not the expense submitter?

    Right now, I'm thinking that changing the Default Vendor each time you export will do the trick. However, this is not an efficient way to export Vendor Bills.

    Not sure if suggesting an enhancement to add vendor fields is a valid point because vendors are not supposed to be reimbursed.

  • Zany Renney
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    Hey @bescalona

    This sounds like quite a niche use-case.

    Would you write into Concierge and give us an example of where you are using and changing Default Vendor each time? I'd like to look into this in more detail for you.

    For your point "Not sure if suggesting an enhancement to add vendor fields is a valid point because vendors are not supposed to be reimbursed." Are you suggesting a development for this in the product? If yes - please post this in the Ideas section, so we can gather feedback and get a view of the demand for this more broadly.