Usability for Mass Amounts of Per Diem Rates

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We use the GSA per diem rates ( since we travel on federal contracts and our contracts dictate it. There are several hundred rates - 664 in 2020 - and we have to manually delete them one at a time every year to avoid having a completely cluttered per diem rate selection. It takes about 20 minutes of constant clicking to do so. 20 minutes! Then we use the spreadsheet upload to upload the new year's rates, which works well.

Ideas to fix my 20 minutes of carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing clicks:

  • Add the option to sync per diem rates with the GSA rates as a native Expensify feature
  • Add the ability to bulk delete the per diem rates before uploading the new rates via spreadsheet
  • Add the ability to optionally replace rather than merge when uploading a spreadsheet
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