IBAN number for the employees

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I need to include one field in Expensify to include the employee IBAN number. Not to pay directly from Expensify, once Expensify haven't payments for European accounts but only to have the employees to add their IBAN numbers in Expensify and us while paying should export that field from Expensify reports and matching the report with the IBAN number.

We have the possibility to add one field in the report, however that report field is not restrict like request to the employees to only not less needer more of the 21 digits of the ban number.

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  • Julia
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    Is the IBAN number something that would change regularly, or is it something that typically would stay the same unless the employee changed bank accounts?

    One work around that might suit your needs is to put their IBAN into one of the custom fields (under policies, people) if you aren't currently utilizing both custom fields.