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How-to: Set up multiple taxes on indirect connections

Mark Louis
Mark Louis Expensify Team Posts: 140 Expensify Team
edited November 2019 in How-to Docs

Sometimes, expenses have more than one tax applied to them. In Canada, for example, expenses can have both a Federal GST and a provincial PST or QST. Expensify has a special method for handling these by creating a single tax that combines both taxes into a single effective tax rate. This can be applied to any Individual or Group policy.

To set up multiple taxes for your indirect connection, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Policies > Individual or Group > [Policy Name] > Tax.
  2. Add your tax rates. If you need additional tax rates, click "New Option".
  3. If you have a multiple tax scenario, combine these into a single tax rate. For example, if you have a GST of 5% and PST of 7%, adding the two tax rates together gives you the effective tax rate of 12%:

Now you've got your multiple tax set up! This can be applied when exporting from your Reports page. Just select "Multiple Tax Export" from the list of options under Export To:

After the report is added to your account, you will be able to select the reports you want to export (from the Reports tab) and then click Export to > Tax Report. Expensify will generate a CSV containing all the expense information including the split out taxes.

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