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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone felt this was useful?

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You 04:09 PM 

is there a certain level of login or user permission set that gives someone full control over things like SAML/SSO , product intergrations etc but does not allow that user to view any of the financials / functions that accounts would be using, like an engineering level login?

Ariel 04:10 PM 

No, this is not possible. Only the Domain Admin can access these settings, and it’s not possible to restrict certain Domain Admin functions.

You 04:14 PM 

ok, is there ever any plans for such things? finance/hr admins often dont want IT guys to see anything in those products due to privacy concerns. Those ppl also dont care about the technical bits like SSO and want IT to maintain all of that without the risk of them seeing things they dont want them to see, if that makes sense

Ariel 04:16 PM 

It does make sense! I’m not aware of this on our roadmap, but I’d strongly suggest raising it as an Idea so that other Community members can vote on it.

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