How-to: Use Guided Review before submitting a report (web) (mobile)

Mark Louis
Mark Louis Expensify Team Posts: 167 Expensify Team
edited December 2019 in How-to Docs

Can't tell what needs fixing on a report before you submit it? Never fear, Guided Review is here! This ever so helpful feature will walk you through all items that need to be addressed in order for your report to submit with no issues.

To use Guided Review, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your report and click Review at the top. The system will walk you through each violation on the report.
  2. As you are taken to a violation, click View to go to look at the expense in more detail or resolve any violations.
  3. Click Next to move onto the next item.
  4. Click Finish when you are done reviewing, or if you have reached the last item to review to complete the review process.

Congrats! You now have one perfect, violation-free report ready to submit!

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