Make Expensify not just expenses but 'credit cards' also

Rob_WoolgarRob_Woolgar Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Will there be a function where the Expensify card can used and settled from a held balance that is topped up by a linked bank account and held on Expensify? Then this balance can be transferred to specific cards. For reporting purposes, it'll be very complicated to have daily settlement and the need to reconcile each transaction separately. 

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  • Ted HarrisTed Harris Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 303 Expensify Team

    Hi @Rob_Woolgar - thanks for your first post in the Expensify Community!

    We normally do our best to update Idea Titles, but I confess I'm not actually 100% sure what you mean here by "Make Expensify not just expenses but 'credit cards' also".

    Hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of it here!

    Right now, there are no plans to offer any ability to top up any balance for settling an ExpensifyCard account in Expensify. We'll simply debit the connected Business Bank Account each day for the total amount paid by ExpensifyCards from your company in the past day.

    What Expensify will essentially do is export and automatically reconcile these transactions for you when connected to QuickBooks Online. Once the QuickBooks Online integration is fully built and tested, we'll gradually move through the rest of our connected accounting integrations to provide this auto-reconcilation feature too.

    And remember, you can already easily reconcile individual card transactions via the Reconciliation Dashboard!

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