How-to: Connect your policy to FinancialForce FFA

Rachael Hopkins
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  • Install the Expensify bundle in SalesForce by clicking this link: Expensify Bundle
  • Create both a User and a Contact for yourself, if these don't already exist in FinancialForce making sure the email matches your primary email in Expensify.
  • Create contacts for each employee who will be submitting expense reports. Make sure each contact's email address corresponds with the email address on the employee's Expensify account. 

Connecting Your Policy

Go to Settings > Policies > Groups [Policy Name] > Connection and click Connect to FinancialForce 

Click Create a New FinancialForce Connection, and you'll be redirected to login to your FinancialForce account. Once you login, you'll be redirected back to Expensify and the sync will start. If you're already logged into SalesForce on another tab, to make the FinancialForce connection, the sync will start automatically. 

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