FAQ: Xero Categories Aren't Importing/Showing in Expensify

Christina Dobryzynski
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First, make sure you've enabled all the categories you want your employees to use at Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Categories. If a category is disabled, your employees will not be able to add the category to an expense.

Second, make sure your expense categories have imported from Xero, and have not been manually created in Expensify.

In the example below, the category with the Xero icon has been imported from Xero, while the category without the Xero icon has been manually created and should be disabled (as using it will prevent a report from exporting).

Third, make sure the Account Type in Xero is set correctly. In order to import into Expensify, one of the following must be true: the account type is Expense, Bank or Revenue, or the "Show in Expense Claims" box is ticked on the account:

Lastly, go to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections and click Sync Now to ensure all the Xero categories are imported.