How-to: Connect Zenefits to your Expensify group policy

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Expensify's direct integration with Zenefits allows you to seamlessly import and update existing employees and approval workflows from Zenefits into Expensify. 

When you integrate Zenefits with Expensify, we will:

  • Provision new employees automatically — We'll create Expensify accounts for all your full-time, active employees as soon as they're hired. 
  • Update approval workflows instantly by importing and updating each user's direct manager. Don't worry about keeping track if a manager switches teams or an employee is promoted; we'll update it for you automatically! 
  • Deprovision employees automatically on their termination date — There's enough paperwork to take care of when an employee leaves the company, you shouldn't have to worry about updating Expensify as well. 

In a nutshell, this HR integration automates the process to create and update employee records and approval workflows in Expensify based on changes to Zenefits employee records. 

Integrate with Zenefits

How does it work? Simply connect to your Zenefits account, and Expensify will be updated to reflect any changes made in Zenefits. The integration takes minutes to set up, is ready out-of-the-box, and will save your HR team hours each month!

Important Notes

  • You'll need to be an admin in Zenefits and in Expensify to complete the prerequisites on this page.
  • You must have a Control or Collect policy in Expensify to integrate with Zenefits. If you do not, you'll be given the opportunity to upgrade to Control or Collect during the integration setup.
  • Every employee record in Zenefits must have a work email address since we use this as the unique identifier in Expensify. 
  • Zenefits will add all your employees to one Expensify policy. If your company uses multiple Expensify policies, you'll be given the option to choose which policy to connect to when you're setting up the integration. 

How to Connect Expensify and Zenefits

  • Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections > scroll down to HR Integrations > Zenefits
  • Select the Connect to Zenefits radio button and click Sync with Zenefits:
  • Login to your Zenefits account using admin credentials and authorize Expensify to access your Zenefits account.
  • If you want to exclude an individual user from syncing with Expensify, make your selections before clicking Authorize

Should I connect the integration from Expensify or from Zenefits?

It's totally up to you! You'll have the same options available to you when syncing from either product. 

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