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How-to: Manage your approval workflow when connected to Zenefits

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If you have not yet read how to Connect Zenefits to your Expensify group policy, please start here!

How to Configure the Connection

  • Select one of three Approval Workflow options that works best for your team.
  • Remember to click Save in the bottom right corner when you're finished to sync employees!

Basic Approval - Each employee will submit expense reports to one final approver. By default, the final approver is the policy's Billing Owner.

Manager Approval - Expense reports will first be submitted to each employee's direct manager, and then forwarded to one final approver. By default, the final approver is the policy's Billing Owner.

Configure Manually - Use the people table to manually configure how employees submit reports. In this case, you're choosing to not import an employee's manager. You will need to set and update the approval workflow for each employee manually. If your team has a highly complex approval workflow, this option will allow for multi-tiered approval chains. For more information regarding the Expensify People table, read more here.

Note: If you're setting up an Expensify policy as an admin for the very first time and have initiated the connection from within your Zenefits account, you will be setup with a free trial of our Control policy. We'll walk you through that in the integration setup, and you can read more about the basics of Expensify for Admins here! [LINK Deep Dive: Admin training/setup resources]

All set! - What's next?

Now we'll import any new employees from Zenefits into Expensify, keep track of their approval workflow and remove them when the time comes! 

After you've successfully connected, you will be able to see a time-stamp on the Connections page that shows when the last sync was. Click Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Connections > scroll down to Zenefits:

View all the newly imported users on your policy, or update your Approval Mode at the bottom of the page, by clicking Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > People:

What about my employees?

Each employee will receive a welcome email at their work email address along with a request to validate their account and choose a password. They can also download our mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

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