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upload Pdfs or Tifs instead of Jpgs via the App with an option for black-white

SandiSandi Expensify Customer Posts: 1

We are a tax consulting office and doing the bookkeeping for our clients. One of our clients is using Expensify for its employees so the can use the App to list their expenses and send them to their team leader and after approving them they get reimbursed. This is very comfortable for them as they just make shots with their mobile camera and everything is working with the App.

As we are doing the bookkeeping with digital documents they have to upload their documents in a cloud were we can import them in our accounting software. They can upload Pdfs of Tifs. Most clients make Pdf uploads because it´s very common. See attachment “uploaded Pdf” to see how the original document is avaiable for us.

As a Pdf is big in its size we have to downgrade it in a much lower Tif format because every digital document will by attached to its booking in the accounting software so we are always able to have the booking and can open the document itself and also the tax authorities need that so you don´t need paper documents anymore. But therefore the format and size of each document has to be downgraded. I think we use 300 dpi Tif black-white format because the document has then just a few KB instead on MGB. Especially if a bookkeeping has few thousands booking it would be enormous storage required if the attached documents would be Pfds. We also advise our clients just to upload black.white tifs or at least black-white Pdfs.

Unfortunately your Expensify uploads work with Jpgs after using the camera. The Jpgs are coloured pictures which is the worst format for downgrading and converting in a black-white Tif when importing in our accounting software and often we just don´t see any information (see attachment “after import in acc..”).

I talked with our client several times to talk too its employees to upload black-white Pdfs or tifs in stead of coloured photos. They always said that they can´t etc. As I thought that there must be an option in the App to say which format you want to choose for the upload so I have downloaded it to test it and might advise out client what settings they have to adjust.

After testing the App I quickly saw that there was no setting in the app allowing to say: “just black-white” or choose any format. I this this should not be so complicated to implement as there are also so many Pdf-creation apps like Adobe Scan or Scanner Pro where you can easily hate photos with the camera and make black-white Pdfs or Tifs automatically. So I think if your app would allow this function it would be absolutely great in the handling.

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